The Fortress of Qamos

This ancient center of Jewish life is remembered throughout the Muslim world, and particularly by Shia, as the scene of a pivotal battle in early Islamic history.

Burial Mounts

Khaybar and many areas in the Kingdom are dotted with ancient graves with a “keyhole” shape characteristic.

Sadd Qasr al-Bint

This is one of the largest ancient dams in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nobody really knows, but there are stories that it had been built by the Queen of Sheeba. There is evidence about it being pre-Islamic.


Situated approximately 140 km from Medina, Fadak was known for its water wells, dates, and handicrafts. When the Muslims defeated the people of Khaybar at the Battle of Khaybar; the oasis of Fadak was part of the bounty given to Prophet Muhammad.