The Kingdom of Midian 

Historically, in the Quran, the Midianites and the prophet Shu’aib come after the peoples of Abraham and of Lot, and before the people of Moses, in other words, sometime between 1700 and 1200 BC. The first date corresponds to the end of the age of the peoples of Abraham and of Lot, and the second date to the age of the people of Moses.

Shuʿayb Caves, Al-Bada'a

Near the town of al-Bada'a are caves called by the local people "Magha'ir Shu'ayb" (the Caves of Jethro). Modern archaeologists hold that the caves are 1st century AD Nabatean tombs.

Ain Musa: The spring of Moses

According to common story, this place is believed to be the location where prophet Musa helped the daughters of Jethro from Madyan (the ancient Midianite prophet Shuʿayb) getting waters for their cattle.

The Spring of Musa